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All parents want their children to be happy and successful. Bullying is a societal problem that is impacting individuals in all areas of school, work, sport, and home life. In the sporting world, bullying behaviour often hides behind the disguise of teamwork or the push for excellence. Bullying behaviour is not always easy for adults or children to recognize or define. A fight between friends or siblings or rough play between teammates with equal power is conflict, not bullying.  Bullying is when a person or group of people repeatedly and intentionally use their power to hurt, embarrass, threaten or exclude another person.


Participants in the 2 hour Parent Information Session will learn about the scope of the problem in sports today as well as the difference between normal peer conflict and bullying. Tips and guidelines will be provided so parents can help their children make positive choices both on-line with social media and other technology and in their daily face to face interaction. As well, parents will also learn six, non-reactive life skills.  Since it is likely that all children/youth will experience some form of bullying or cyberbullying at least once during their sporting career, parents will be able to reinforce these skills at home and, as a result, children will feel more confident and competent in dealing with bullying situations. To conclude the parent session, the role of a sports parent will be discussed. Afterall, sports should be about our children, and not about the goals of the parents.


The Dare to Care program is the recipient of the coveted Imagine Canada award and was recently awarded the Government of Alberta Inspiration Award for Leadership in Bully Prevention.


All parents are strongly encouraged to attend.

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