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 150,000 children miss

school each day because of 


Grade K-6

Building a caring community

The latest statistic states that only 4% of bullying is ever reported by students.

Grade 5-9

Take the time day

The Take the Time day is the most powerful of the student days. 

Grade 7-9

Tackling bullying

The Tackle Bullying program for Jr. High School addresses the...

Grade 10-11

Student day

High School is a challenging time for today’s students.



The latest statistic states that only 4% of bullying is ever reported by students. At Dare to Care we believe that most students are very caring and want to do what is right, whether it be to stand up to the bullies or to report incidents to staff. Unfortunately, without the support and the skills to do what is right, students of all ages are fearful and the code of silence becomes a way of survival. Students are fearful that they will make the situation worse, that adults won’t listen, and most importantly, that they will be seen as ‘rats’ or ‘tattlers’.


Through grade appropriate assemblies and skill development, students are given the knowledge and skill set to collectively make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others. The Dare to Care Student Day emphasizes the important concepts of awareness, empathy, resilience and social responsibility.


Student Day: includes assemblies for K-2 and Grades 3-6, followed by skill development and role plays in smaller group settings.

Grade K-6



The Take the Time day is the most powerful of the student days. This age group is a very difficult demographic to mobilize because the code of silence is so very strong. The full day is a combination of assembly-style presentations, small group activities, games and larger group discussions. Through the carefully designed progression of activities, students will be better able to understand the damage that bullying, cliques, peer pressure, racism, and oppression can cause in individuals and communities. As well, because the goal of the Dare to Care program is to mobilize the silent majority of students into action, the Take the Time Day provides several forums for students to talk about their fears and why they remain silent in bullying situations.


Throughout the student day, participants will discover that there is strength in numbers and that they truly do have the power to make significant changes in their school climate. Through the process of the Take the Time Day, students, teachers, and parents will be shown how to shift the imbalance of power to create the school of their dreams.


Full Day Take the Time day can be modified upon request.

Grade 5-9



Middle School and High School can be a very challenging time for students. For many students, there is an adjustment to a higher level of academic, athletic, and social expectation.  Students are entering puberty at different rates and the accompanying hormones can fuel many emotions.  The need to find social connections and assert independence influences can have great impact on relationships and the dynamics of a school community.

The Tackle Bullying program for Jr. High School addresses the common issues that affect young teens by challenging them to think outside themselves and to be mindful of their role in influencing school culture and the mental well-being of the all stakeholders.

The ½ day presentation is very interactive and designed to challenge students’ view of the world around them. Topics covered include:

  • The difference between normal conflict and true bullying behavior

  • Social Labelling

  • Cyberbullying

  • Peer Isolation

  • Resilient Behavior

  • Team Work

Students are given a guideline on how to manage adverse social situations, including bullying, in a direct effective manner.

Facilitator:  Randy Chevrier is a 3 time CFL Grey Cup Champion, Teacher, and current Calgary Firefighter. Randy’s Tackle Bullying program will leave a profound impact on students and staff.  He brings a wealth  of knowledge from his sporting, teaching and firefighting background. He relates stories several stories and anecdotes from his career that relate to the topics covered and presents them in a way that inspires and motivates students to become their best selves.

Grade 7-9 Tackle Bullying



High School is a challenging time for today’s students as they are arguably experiencing more pressures and distractions than ever before. From academic and social pressures to an increase in responsibilities, post-secondary competition and preparation, and the uncertainty about the future, our students are struggling and the statistics on youth mental health support this.


At Dare to Care we believe that all students should feel safe, valued, and equipped to deal with the many stressors that surround them. We are excited to announce our new Grade 10 and 11 workshops which are designed to fit into a single period/block to complement curriculum or to be used as stand-alone assemblies for well-ness days, special events, etc.,


GRADE 10 WORKSHOP (80-90 minutes)

  • Conflict vs Bullying

  • The Impact of Positive/Negative Choices

  • Staying Human in a Digital World

  • Drugs, Alcohol, Video Gaming (Addictions)

  • The Mental Health Stigma

  • Who is your “Go To” Person in School

  • Being a Kind, Caring, Productive Member of Society


GRADE 11 WORKSHOP (80-90 minutes)

  • Conflict vs bullying

  • Reputations and perceptions (how do you want to be remembered?)

  • Staying motivated throughout the ‘middle’ year

  • Powerful Influences on well being

  • The Mental Health Stigma

  • Who is your “Go to” person in school”

  • Making a positive impact


Schools are more than welcome to request a Grade 12 workshop that will incorporate some of the above topics as well as life outside of school.

GRADE 10-11 | Student Day

“Dare to Care was at my school today and I just want to say that it really got to me. Ever since I got home from school, I’ve been thinking about it.  It made me really think about the way that I act and how I treat people. I changed schools because I was bullied and now I realize that I’m doing things to others that I didn’t want happening to me. I really would like to thank Dare to Care for coming and showing me that it’s never too late to change and that we can make a difference. The day was life-changing. Well anyway, thanks for helping.” 



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