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  • Lisa Dixon-Wells, M.Ed., Founder and Executive Director

Answers to FAQs About Our Virtual Bully Prevention Program

Updated: Mar 7

If you are considering the Dare to Care Virtual Bully Prevention and Life Skills program for your school, answers to your questions may be right here. These are the questions I receive the most from schools before they purchase the program. If you don’t see your question below, I invite you to download our Virtual Info package, or to email me.

Dare to Care - Virtual -Info Package 2022-rvs.2-09-12-22
Download PDF • 7.14MB

Purchase our comprehensive virtual program now, including our student modules, our professional development modules, and our parent modules: K-6 Comprehensive Program for 1 School for 1 Year. K-9 Comprehensive Program for 1 School for 1 Year Our student, professional development and parent modules can be purchased separately here.

Question: What are the advantages of the Dare to Care virtual program?

  • Affordability. By eliminating the travel costs associated with on-site program delivery, our virtual program is very affordable.

  • Year-Long Access. Our year-long, school-wide license will allow you to view all program modules at your convenience and revisit the content as often as you like. Any new teacher, staff member or parent who joins you during the year can access the program at no additional charge.

  • Enhanced Participation. Because a virtual program can be shared in individual classrooms instead of a large assembly space, students have more opportunities to participate and ask questions.

  • Depth of Content. The virtual format has enabled us to expand our content and address more forms of bullying including cyberbullying, discrimination and racism, and sexual harassment.

Question: As a school Principal, will I need to share my login with my email and password with other members of my school community in order to give them access?

Definitely not. Once you have purchased the program, Dare to Care will send you a link, specific to your school, that you can share with members of your school community. The link will enable each person receiving it to set up an account using their email and a personal password of their choosing. From this personal account, they will have control over their own Dare to Care dashboard.

Question: What advance preparation is required of teachers? None. Teachers simply log in to our portal, select a module and press “play.” Quizzes and discussion questions are built into the program, and art projects and other activities to anchor learning include clear instructions. Our resource portal also contains classroom posters for downloading as well as other supportive materials.

Question: Is there a recommended schedule for rolling out the program?

Scheduling is completely within your discretion and control, but we find some school-wide coordination is highly effective. For the student modules, you might select a month when you ask teachers to complete all the modules on a schedule of their choosing. Alternatively, you might ask teachers to show new modules on a certain day of the week and call it Dare to Care time so as to show school-wide support. For the parent modules, a hybrid approach works well. Parents are offered the opportunity to watch modules at their convenience or attend a virtual or in-person parent night where they can watch the content in a group and ask questions. For the professional development content, most schools will show a module after a staff meeting, followed by discussion, or they will devote a professional development day to the program and show all three modules.

Question: Does a Grade 3 student need to have seen the K-2 content before they watch the Grade 3 modules?

While you will see the greatest results and impact by sharing the Dare to Care program in your school each year, it is not necessary to catch students up on modules prior to their current grade-level.

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