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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Dare to Care’s Virtual Bully Prevention Program for Your School

Lisa Dixon-Wells, M.Ed., Founder and Executive Director

Because Dare to Care’s mission is to create a safer and more welcoming learning environment for every student, it had long been a goal of ours to create a virtual version of our program. We knew this would be the path to expanding our impact across Canada and into the U.S., beyond where our small team can travel. The pandemic gave us the needed push and in September of 2021 our virtual program for K-6 – complete with modules for students, parents and educators – was completed and launched. This August, student modules for grades 7-9 will be available as well.

Is the virtual version of Dare to Care for your school? We’ve put together our top five reasons!

Already convinced? Purchase our school-wide virtual program now.

#1 – It’s budget-friendly.

At $900 CAD for our K-6 schoolwide program (for one school for one year), the Dare to Care virtual program is less than half the cost of our in-person program. The grade 7-9 student modules will be an additional $250/school/year, but you can get them for free this year if you purchase the complete virtual program by 6/30/22.

#2 – There’s no added work for teachers.

Sharing modules with students is as easy as pressing “play!” Teachers simply log in to our portal with their school’s unique access code and select the next student module. Our resource portal contains classroom posters for downloading as well as other supportive materials.

#3 – It delivers 365 days of unlimited program access.

Want to revisit a particular module to reinforce its message? Have a teacher or new families joined you mid-year? Your year-long Dare to Care license grants unlimited module use and unlimited users for your school.

#4 – It’s a holistic yet flexible solution.

We believe that engaging every stakeholder within the school community is the most effective way to create a safe, caring and respectful environment for all. Our school-wide program includes:

  • Three professional development modules for teachers and staff

  • Three educational webinars for parents

  • Six modules for K-2 students

  • Eight modules for Grade 3-6 students

  • Eight modules for Grade 7-9 students (available in August)

However, you can also purchase each of these module groups separately here, to tailor the program to your most immediate needs or budget.

#5 – The content has been enhanced and expanded.

Because our virtual program isn’t constrained to what can be presented in a daylong in-person visit, we’ve expanded on some critical topics and added new ones, like age-appropriate content on cyberbullying, racism and discrimination. Our student modules not only include an introduction and animated lesson, they also include an activity to anchor learning and enhance engagement.

“The online delivery of Dare to Care is stellar. I have done the program before with the younger grade many years ago and was delighted to see the in-depth nature of the program for the upper elementary grades. The modules were super informative and engaging for my grade three students.” - Teacher, Calgary Catholic School Board
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