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We help students understand racism, cyberbullying, sexual harassment and the law.

For children as young as 12 (Canada) and 7 (some U.S. states), just one incident of sexual harassment, cyberbullying (sexting) or racism can have legal consequences. Trying to ensure young minds understand the serious impacts that these forms of bullying can have on the futures of their targets and themselves is challenging. We find parents are often looking to educators to help them get these points across.

Because our virtual bully prevention program gives us more time with students than a one day, in-person session, we have expanded our content on these important topics. Dare to Care’s virtual program gives school communities a common language and awareness around sexual harassment, discrimination/racism and cyberbullying. We not only teach children about consequences; our modules and activities are designed to strengthen empathy and decision-making.

We introduce age-appropriate content on these topics early, not just because the legal consequences can apply to younger children but because we find it is the most effective approach to instilling attitudes of respect and inclusion:

  • For every grade level, starting with K-2, our program includes a module on discrimination and racism.

  • Our modules on cyberbullying begin with Grades 3-4.

  • New this year, one of our Grade 5-6 modules introduces sexual harassment as a form of bullying, and we devote an entire module to this topic for Grades 7-9.

Our content includes:

  • A powerful video created by students, for students, that helps them envision a world where everyone is valued and included.

  • Our three-door challenge, to help children self-monitor what they post online. Watch the video below to see how we introduce it to Grades 3-6.

  • Examples of different forms of racism and discrimination and an activity to help anchor the learning.

  • Examples of the many forms of sexual harassment and actions that may be chargeable offences.

  • Activities that help students recognize that they, and others, have a unique story and specialness that should be celebrated.

Watch to see how our 3-Door Challenge helps children begin to self-monitor what they post online:

To learn more about introducing Dare to Care’s virtual bully prevention program in your school or school district, email me at

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