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 Only 4% of bullying is ever



The reality is that most teachers and school staff are dealing with more challenging behaviours than ever before, including bullying and mental illness. Compounding the issue is that the age at which students are displaying these challenging behaviours has dropped significantly. While traditional problem-solving techniques have served well in our schools over the decades, the issue of bullying requires all staff to adopt a no-nonsense approach. 

The Dare to Care Professional Development day is designed to motivate and mobilize the entire school staff. The day is divided into 5 main categories:


  1. Outlining the scope of the problem in our schools;

  2. Properly defining bullying and how it differs from normal peer conflict;

  3. Cyberbullying and the parent's role

  4. Easy Targets: Provocative Children and Easy to Anger Children

  5. Taking a No-Nonsense approach to bullying;

  6. Establishing an effective discipline policy;

  7. Small group activities: “What would you do?” – putting the new knowledge into action


For a detailed agenda, please CONTACT US

*Full day P.D. sessions can be modified upon request.

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