What people are 


“On Friday, April 4th, just after 8 o’clock in the morning, Dare to Care changed my life! The time I spent learning from my friend, peers, and the Dare to Care team were the best hours of my life. Everything that was said in that room was true. If I could do those three hours over again, I would…20 times over”


– Grade 9 Student

“Thank you Dare to Care! After you came to our school, the person who had been bullying me apologized and hugged me. I could tell he really was sorry and now I feel so happy. We used to be friends but I don’t know what happened. For some reason we could never fix things…until now. The bullying lasted half the year and caused me and my family much stress and sadness…but now we can breathe.”  


– Grade 5 Student

“Dare to Care was at my school today and I just want to say that it really got to me. Ever since I got home from school, I’ve been thinking about it.  It made me really think about the way that I act and how I treat people. I changed schools because I was bullied and now I realize that I’m doing things to other that I didn’t want happening to me. I really would like to thank Dare to Care for coming and showing me that it’s never too late to change and that we can make a difference. The day was life changing. Well anyway, thanks for helping.” 


– Grade 6 Student

“The Dare to Care program is one that has had tremendous impact on the culture of my school. As a new principal, I was gratified by the transformation of my student body and my school community.  There has been continuous change and positive feedback as our Dare to Care student committee continues to grow and develop. I so appreciate the integrity of Dare to Care and their valuable experience in working with children”.


– Principal

“I just got home from the Dare to Care parent session tonight and I’m so glad I took the time. I spent the afternoon in the dentist chair, only to have the freezing come out half way through the evening session. Barely felt anything though, the workshop tonight was so compelling and though provoking that I forgot about everything else. I came straight home, walked in the door and burst into tears.  So much of what was said rings true. As a mom of 3 young boys, I thought I could protect them, but now I know I need to empower them instead. I would like to thank Dare to Care for all of their work in creating a phenomenal program. I can only imagine the difference it has made to countless kids and parents alike over the years”


– Parent


“Recently I got to volunteer at a full day Dare to Care session at my son’s school. I never expected to see or feel what I did that day.  I was so incredibly moved by what I saw those young people say and do.  I, myself, have had some emotional moments reflecting back on my past memories and even more emotional moments watching these kids (pre-teens) getting up, and opening up, and saying sorry to one another. This was such an amazing day in so many ways for my son, for myself, and for the school. The kids are still talking about the day and what it has done for them. I truly believe that the Dare to Care facilitators have saved lives with their program.”


– Parent

“I was blown away.  What a REAL and down-to-earth program for these kids for a not-so-easy issue of bullying. The facilitators were awesome and I can't say enough about how well they took the kids (and the adults) along on their journey today. The stories and activities sincerely touched me, and to see the maturity of the grade 5's today, as well as the honesty, apologies, hugs, and thank-you's was incredible. 


Whatever you are doing at the school, please keep it up. I am proud to have my kids under your caring watch, and for administration to invite a program like this into your school says so much about the integrity of your goals and programs there.  


Again, thank you.  If only every school had the opportunity to attend this, I think the world for our youngsters would be such a different landscape” 


– Parent