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"The online delivery of Dare to Care is stellar. I have done the program before with the younger grade many years ago and was delighted to see the in-depth nature of the program for the upper elementary grades. The modules were super informative and engaging for my grade three students."    


– Teacher, Calgary Catholic School Division

"The Dare to Care program is well laid out and easy to use. It presents information about bullying in a way that is engaging while offering some “new” thinking surrounding the issue. The students are really delving into what bullying vs what a mean moment is. Excellent program that is very user/student friendly."       


– Teacher, Saskatoon Public School Division

"Dare to Care is a valuable program that is very user-friendly. I appreciate the structure and organization of the site and like the fact that I can see where we've been in the program and where we're going. The resources are engaging and of perfect length. Being able to go back to previouslytaught lessons is very helpful. Thank you for a fantastic virtual program that is accessible to educators across the globe!"       


– Teacher, Saskatoon Public School Division

"There was always a cheer when we were going to start a Dare to Care module and my class enjoyed the videos and questions for discussion immensely.  It led to many profound conversations and my students now feel empowered to make a difference.”    

– Teacher, St. Albert Public School Division

"The Dare to Care program, offered virtually, was easy to deliver, flexible and reasonably priced.  We were able to offer it to our parent group as well as to all of the student groups, with lessons tailored to each of the grade levels. Having common language to address bullying and student relations throughout the school  community helps us to create a safe and welcoming school environment in our school. We have had this program both in person and virtually and were pleased with the results every time." 


Principal, Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools


“The Dare to Care program is one that has had tremendous impact on the culture of my school. As a new principal, I was gratified by the transformation of my student body and my school community.  There has been continuous change and positive feedback as our Dare to Care student committee continues to grow and develop. I so appreciate the integrity of Dare to Care and their valuable experience in working with children”.


– Principal

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