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Dare to Care was founded in 1999 because of a need to address the pervasive and crippling issue of bullying that continues to affect children, youth, and adults to this day. Due to the lack of existing bully prevention resources available at that time, Dare to Care was the first comprehensive program launched in Canada to tackle the issue. Dare to Care was created with the understanding that bullying is a societal issue and that if we are to have any impact, all stakeholders within a school, community or workplace must be involved in creating a climate of change. Since 1999, Dare to Care has delivered 3 signature programs to over 2000 schools across Canada.

In 2018, Dare to Care adapted their award winning program to work with Amateur Sport Organizations. In 2022, Dare to Care moved away from  in-person program delivery to focus on their comprehensive virtual program for K-9.   

Dare to Care's 3 Signature Programs
  1. Innovative and age appropriate student and athlete workshops for age 5 - 25.

  2. Support and information workshops for parents.

  3. Extensive professional development for teachers, support staff, administrators, coaches, officials, and management.


By providing the tools and support that help youth, parents and educators recognize the signs of bullying and other challenging behaviours, Dare to Care has mobilized communities to take action against these issues. As well, because the  world  of ‘old school’ bullying has changed drastically, Dare to Care has expanded the program in helping students and parents navigate the complicated and sometimes dangerous world of social media, and added content to include discussion on discrimination, racism, and sexual harassment.

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