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Tackle Bullying in Sport

Dare to Care and BRP Partner
Ride Out Intimidation BRP Program

Join BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) and Dare to Care as we team-up to take a stand against bullying in sport!

Dare to Care and BRP are joining forces to amplify our shared mission of fostering a culture of respect, inclusivity and safety so that everyone is free to thrive in life, learning and play. This collaboration is made possible through BRP’s Ride Out Intimidation program which was launched in 2022 as their global corporate cause. This program consists of collaborations with global and national organizations to raise awareness and implement initiatives to address the pervasive and crippling issue of bullying.

“Tackle Bullying: Powered by BRP” is supporting Dare to Care as we really expand into the sport sector and offering more than 200 FREE workshops annually to sport organizations working with Dare to Care for the first time. Contact us today for more information on this amazing opportunity and to create effective, observable and measurable changes at your organization.

Tackle bullying in sport Brp
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