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Coaches set the stage for how kids

on a team treat one



The reality is that most sport organizations are dealing with more challenging behaviours than ever before. Coaches set the stage for how kids on a team treat one another. Management set the stage on how coaches treat players and parents. Both coaches and management must be very clear that they want to create an atmosphere of respect, support and team unity.


In order to do this coaches and management must understand the difference between competitive spirit and true bullying whether it be from players, parents, management, or themselves.


Participants in this workshop will establish a common language around bullying behaviour, be better equipped in the early identification of players that are being targeted, and learn how to take a no-nonsense approach to dealing with players or parents who are using bullying tactics. As well, coaches/management will learn the importance of having a clear policy and procedure strategy to deal with bullying behaviour so that all team members and families understand the expectations and are held accountable. A successful code of conduct/policy will be shared with all participants.

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