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"The Dare to Care workshop was an excellent experience for our athletes. It kept them engaged throughout the three hours and gave them a lot of concrete information and steps to take in the event that they witness bullying. The exercises were also very impactful - I felt that having them see some of the things that their peers have experienced and felt was a very powerful."


– Coach

" Thank you for your excellent parent workshop at Craigleith Ski Club. I have no doubt that your workshops with the young athletes were equally impressive. Your intelligent and effective strategies will provide our community with much needed tools to address this pernicious and ubiquitous problem. Dare to Care is doing good work for many."


– Parent

"My eyes are forever opened to the issue of bullying. I did not know the difference between bullying and conflict. I had no idea of the prevalence of bullying in sports and the potentially devastating effects it can have on a team. The information and tools provided by Dare to Care will help foster a safe environment for all of our athlete’s to pursue personal excellence."


– Parent

"Since Dare to Care, I have seen a lot of change on my team. Dare to Care brought us all together and made us feel more aware of how our actions and words can actually hurt others."


– Athlete

"I believe that Dare to Care reinforced the idea that if you see bullying, or are being bullied, you must go to a coach or a trusted adult. I’ve noticed a very positive environment around training with my teammates looking forward to practice without all the drama and distraction."



"Dare to Care had a big impact on me. I saw how some teammates have been affected by bullying and realize that I had been part of the problem. Dare to Care allowed me to fix some broken relationships."

– Athlete

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