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Lisa Dixon-Wells


​Lisa Dixon–Wells has been working in school systems across Western Canada since 1990. After completing her M.Ed in Educational Psychology (1997), Lisa’s focus has been on Comprehensive Guidance and Bully Prevention. As the founder of the Dare to Care program, her work has focused on early prevention and intervention in elementary and junior high schools. Through professional development, parent information nights, and classroom facilitation (including assemblies, student forums, and role-playing), Lisa has helped hundreds of schools, youth organizations and corporations to create and maintain safe and caring environments. 


As well as her expertise in the area of bullying, discipline and community building, Lisa has assisted schools in the development of clear and concise school discipline policies. Lisa is a former member of the Canadian National Swim Team and World Masters Swimming Champion. In 2015, Lisa was inducted into the University of Calgary Sports Hall of Fame.

kim Edwards


​Kim Edwards (B. Ed.) has been teaching in both public and private school systems in Alberta since 1990. Holding a degree in Special Education, she is constantly striving to teach children self-advocacy skills along with stronger communication and social skills. Kim has been delivering the Dare to Care program in schools throughout Alberta and across Canada since 2006. She assists students, parents, and staff in clearly understanding and defining bullying and the proactive role they can take in addressing address this pervasive issue. Kim appreciates the connected roles of students, parents, and staff, and through Student Days, Parent Information Evenings and Professional Development with staff, Kim has helped school communities create a more positive, safe and respectful learning environment for all.


In addition to working in schools, Kim has successfully facilitated sessions with many Corporations and community groups assisting them in creating more cohesive, respectful organizations and teams.


Kim is trained in a number of alternative educational programs, notably, Auditory Discrimination in Depth (A.D.D.), a kinaesthetic approach to reading, spelling, and writing, as well as Chisanbop, a kinaesthetic strategy for math. She also fills leadership roles within the community.

Randy Chevrier


Currently, Randy is a City Of Calgary Firefighter and Substitute Teacher in Calgary and surrounding areas. After a 16 season career in professional football in both the CFL and NFL, Randy retired in 2017 as a three-time Grey Cup Champion. While playing for the Calgary Stampeders Randy created a successful Anti-Bullying Campaign, “Tackle Bullying,” which has been delivered in schools across southern Alberta. His main focus is to spark conversation about everyone’s responsibility in curbing the problem of bullying in schools, teams, workplaces, and at home. Most recently Randy has partnered with Dare to Care and will focus on the middle and Junior High Schools across the country. 


In 2014 Randy was selected by his teammates as the Herm Harrison Memorial Trophy winner in honour of his outstanding community involvement, leadership, and sportsmanship. At the conclusion of the season, Chevrier was voted as the CFLPA Tom Pate Award recipient for Sportsmanship and Outstanding Commitment to Community.

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