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  • Megan Les

Poem from a 16 year old student that you will never forget!

Updated: May 24

I remember the days, The good old days When we spent hours in the sun And I could tell you everything. You loved me for me and I trusted you. I remember the laughter And the countless times you turned my frown into a smile. And I knew exactly what to say When you were so sad you couldn’t get out of bed. My heart sank for you And if I could have borne your pain, You know I would have.

But then one day, When I could not get out of bed, And I needed you to do what I had done for you So many times, You turned your back on me and left Without explanation. Instead of easing my pain like I hoped you would, You added to it. I was hurting and you knew. Yet somehow You hurt me more.

But I got up every day after you left, And I did it by myself. I figured out how to love me, And how to finally do things for me, And for the people who deserve my energy. You didn’t.

Not in the end. I did everything for you, But now I’m doing everything for me, And for the ones who didn’t leave When I was at my worst.

So I remember the days, The good old days, When I loved you more than I loved myself. I will remember the joy, The memories, the things we used to laugh about. But I will never be able to forget The pain you caused. And now when I pass you by, I will be living my life.

Knowing now that I am better off without you, And that I deserve more. Because even though I lost you, I found me, And that is everything.

Megan L. - Age 16

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