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There is a fine line

between competitiveness &



At Dare to Care we believe that players/athletes are very caring and want to do what’s best for their team. Unfortunately, it only takes a few toxic players/athletes to change the entire dynamic of the team. Athletes who are subjected to bullying will often lose focus, play or perform tentatively, feel anxious, drop out of tournaments or competitions, or quit sports altogether. In addition, they are reluctant to tell their parents or coaches because they are embarrassed or feel a sense of shame. Through age-appropriate, sport-specific workshops and skill development sessions, players/athletes will be provided with the knowledge to identify bullying vs. normal conflict and will be given bystander training so they can effectively stand up for themselves or assist other teammates before incidents of bullying escalate.


The Dare to Care Athlete/Team workshop emphasizes the importance of respect, empathy, and social responsibility (reporting bullying incidents).

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