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Dare to Care Partners with BRP to Tackle Bullying in Sport

dare to care partners with BRP

The Safe Sport movement has just become much stronger. Dare to Care and BRP have joined forces to have an immediate, meaningful and lasting impact on sport organizations across Canada. Dare to Care’s new program, Tackle Bullying in Sport: Powered by BRP unites two powerhouse organizations through their shared mission to foster cultures of respect, inclusivity and kindness.

Lisa Dixon-Wells, the founder and Executive Director of Dare to Care, shares that in many sports environments bullying behaviour is often disguised as competitive spirit or ignored as “just part of sport”. According to a poll from the National Alliance for Youth Sports, 7 out of 10 youth quit sport by the age of 13. At Dare to Care, Dixon-Wells and her team are working to change this.

“Bullying, maltreatment and abuse are some of the most prevalent risks to sport participation in Canada today. Whether it be from athletes, coaches, parents, guardians or management, disrespectful and harmful behaviour has become a growing concern in sport communities,” adds Dixon-Wells.

This collaboration with BRP and their Ride Out Intimidation program will support Dare to Care with the resources needed to deploy and expand their nationally recognized award-winning bully prevention program across Canada. Thanks to this new partnership, Dare to Care will offer more than 200 free workshops annually to Canadian sport organizations working with Dare to Care for the first time.

“Dare to Care is thrilled to partner with BRP’s Ride Out Intimidation program to create more positive, safe and inclusive sport communities. This partnership will allow us to significantly expand our impact in the Canadian sport landscape and beyond,” says Lisa Dixon-Wells, the founder and Executive Director of Dare to Care.

Through various workshops and extensive resources, Dare to Care equips participants with the skills and courage needed to effectively address bullying in their communities. Dare to Care offers workshops for all members of an organization in an effort to foster cultures that take an “all hands on deck” approach to bullying prevention. This united approach to bully prevention involves athletes, coaches, management, parents, guardians, referees and officials so that everyone can thrive in life, learning and play.

“At Dare to Care, our goal is to motivate and mobilize the Silent Majority who often

witness bullying behaviour but tend to do nothing about it. Roughly 79% of us remain silent in bullying situations. We stay silent not because of apathy, but because of fear. Fear of retaliation; fear of making the situation worse; fear of being labeled as a snitch or whistleblower,” explained Dixon-Wells. “Unfortunately, as long as we remain silent, the bullies continue to use their power in hurtful and harmful ways. We may not change the two percent of people who are true bullies, but we can empower the 98% to take a stand against them.”

BRP shares Dare to Care’s fierce commitment to bully prevention and is proud to partner with them. As BRP’s global community engagement program, Ride Out Intimidation collaborates with organizations around the world who are working to address the pervasive and crippling issue of bullying.

In addition to their powerful workshops, Dare to Care also hosts the Sporting Change Podcast which welcomes athletes, coaches and industry experts to discuss Safe Sport, leadership and EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion). Season two of the Sporting Change Podcast will be available on all major streaming platforms in the winter of 2023.

Dare to Care is confident that this partnership will have a positive, meaningful and indelible impact in the global Safe Sport movement. With a united and shared vision, both organizations are committed to tackle bullying in sport and are excited for what the future holds.

Are you a Canadian sport organization interested in the Dare to Care program? Additional information can be found on the Dare to Care website or by contacting

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