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From Pink Shirts to Open Hearts: Making an Impact Against Bullying 365 Days a Year

Updated: Mar 20

Bully Prevention Pink Shirt Day

Bully Prevention, one day at a time

The issue of bullying is one that affects children across Canada. Statistics show that 1 in 3 students are bullied at school, and over 20% of students between grades 4 and 12 report being victims of cyberbullying. These alarming numbers highlight the urgent need for impactful bully prevention programs in schools, sport, community and workplaces.

This is where Dare to Care's new virtual bully prevention program comes in. Designed to educate children, educators, coaches, referees, management, parents, community and more on recognizing, preventing and addressing bullying, Dare to Care goes beyond traditional efforts by providing an easy-to-implement solution that makes an impact all year long.

Our goal is to demonstrate how with the right tools and education, we can create safe, inclusive environments where bullying is no longer tolerated.

The Issue of Bullying

Bullying is characterized by repeated aggressive behaviour that involves an imbalance of power and the intention to cause harm. It can take many forms, including:

  • Physical bullying - Hitting, pushing, theft

  • Verbal bullying - Name-calling, insults, threats

  • Social bullying - Spreading rumours, exclusion, public embarrassment

  • Cyberbullying - Harassment via technology/social media

Bullying is unfortunately common among youth. According to recent statistics from the Government of Canada, one in three students are bullied. The highest rates of bullying occur in middle school, with 45% of students ages 12-14 reporting victimization. However, the problem extends into high school as well, with 28% of 15-18 year olds experiencing bullying.

Being bullied has significant detrimental effects on mental health and academics. targets are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and suicidal thoughts.

Bullying also negatively impacts school performance and attendance. Students who are bullied tend to have lower grades, more school absences, and decreased engagement and motivation. Tragically, thousands of students do not go to school each day in Canada because they feel unsafe from bullying.

The harmful consequences underscore the need for comprehensive bullying prevention efforts in schools and communities. With greater awareness and training, we can create safer environments where all youth can thrive.

Unique Challenges Today

Prevention Beyond Pink Shirt Day

How Can Your Company Make A Difference This Pink Shirt Day

What are The Costs & What Is Included


Unique Challenges Today

The rise of the internet and social media has created new avenues for bullying that simply didn't exist in past generations. Cyberbullying now allows bullies to target their victims 24/7 from the anonymity of a screen name. The always-on nature of digital communications means there's no refuge for targets, even in the safety of their own homes.

Social media in particular has become a prime breeding ground for bullying behaviours. The lack of face-to-face interaction emboldens some to be much crueler online than they would be in person. The potential for posting content that can go viral also means humiliating acts can be witnessed by thousands in a very short time span. The permanence of online content also means devastating experiences like cyberbullying may never fully go away for targets.


Pink Shirt Day

Prevention Beyond Pink Shirt Day

While Pink Shirt Day successfully raises awareness, more than a single day of action is needed to truly make an impact. The issue is too complex and ingrained to be solved through temporary initiatives. It has become clear that we need ongoing, year-round efforts to address the problem through education and prevention programs. 


How Can Your Company Make a Difference this Pink Shirt Day?

In addition to participating in Pink Shirt Day, your Company can join the Pinkit Forward initiative. 

This is where Dare to Care come in. Dare to Care goes beyond traditional efforts by providing an easy-to-implement solution that makes an impact all year long.

In the spirit of Pink Shirt Day, Dare to Care will provide our award-winning online parent modules for you to distribute and/or host on your website. For all of your parents and grandparents in your corporation, providing them with the knowledge and skills to help their child(ren) is critical, so give them the gift of education.

You can also contribute to the Pinkit Forward  initiative by sponsoring a school in need. Consider sponsoring one or two schools in your local community or, alternatively, allow Dare to Care to select a school on your behalf. By donating this way, your organization’s contribution can significantly impact children’s lives in your community.

Download PDF • 1.68MB

What are the Costs & What's Included?

Option 1)  Pinkit Forward $1,000 CDN (one-time cost). An all-access pass for an entire year for your staff, clients or friends of your organization.

What Participants will Learn

Dare to Care's virtual bullying prevention modules for parent(s)/Guardian(s) focuses on three key areas:

Overview of Bullying

 The Scope of  the Problem

 Bullying vs Normal Peer Conflict Types of Bullying

Overview of Bullying

 The Scope of  the Problem

 Bullying vs Normal Peer Conflict Types of Bullying

Communication Tactics for Parents and Kids

 Provocative Children 

 Reactive/Easy to Anger Children

How to Help Your Child

 Steps to Take if Your Child is Being Bullied

 Steps to Take if Your Child is Displaying Bullying Behaviour

 Tool Belt of Skills: Teaching Your Child 6 Non-Reactive Skills


Option 2) Pinkit Forward and donate to one, two, or more schools in need! 

 1 School - $1,200 CDN 

 2 Schools - $1,600 CDN 

 3 Schools - $1,600 CDN 

Pink Shirt Day = AWARENESS

Dare to Care Parent Modules = ACTION!

Kindness matters - small acts of kindness can make a big difference in creating positive school environments where students feel safe, welcome, and valued.  You can find a comprehensive information package here that outlines the meaningful impact your educational gift of kindness will have. 

Now is the perfect time to get involved. Together, we can build a society of uplifting, inclusive, and positive connections that empower youth of all ages and backgrounds.

Contact us today for more information or Donate Now!

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