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 The most comprehensive bully

prevention  program available in



The Dare to Care program is effective and cost efficient with a focus that goes beyond the perpetrators and their targets to include peers, school staff, parents, and the broader community.


Dare to Care was founded in 1999 because of a need to address the pervasive and crippling issues of bullying and the impact it has on one’s mental health. Unfortunately, these issues continue to affect children, youth, and adults to this day.


Due to the lack of existing resources available at that time, Dare to Care launched the first comprehensive respectful school project to deal with bullying and the connection to mental health. Dare to Care was created with the understanding that one’s mental well-being is a societal issue and that if we are to have an impact, ALL stakeholders within a school community must be involved in becoming more aware and engaged in creating a climate of change.


By providing the tools and support that help children, youth, parents, and educators recognize the signs of bullying and mental illness indicators, Dare to Care has mobilized communities to take action against these issues. As a direct result of COVID-19 and the lingering impact on schools, Dare to Care moved away from in-person program delivery to focus on their comprehensive virtual program for K-9.

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